We want to offer you the salary you deserve and other staff benefits as a thank you for your contribution.

Take control!
Here are the guidelines for your new career.

Salary based on a collective agreement
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With employment, we follow the collective agreement of the employer company’s industry. The salary is always at least in accordance with collective agreement.

Salary is paid every 2 weeks, in the middle of the month and at the end of the month.

Staff benefits for employees
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– Our goal is to offer you job opportunities that fit your current situation in life

– Build your own career path. We will help you find local work opportunities! We support your career development by offering you diverse job opportunities. We also aim to develop your skills and career development through different types of training opportunities

– We reward our employees for commitment and work well done. Work well and you will get given more shifts. And the longer you work for us, the better the benefits you will receive!

– Additionally, you may receive targeted benefits from the client companies.

– As our employee, you will also receive Arctic Career employee benefits, like bonuses for work well done.

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