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Employer branding
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We conduct marketing for our clients, strengthening their appeal as employers. When choosing a workplace, employees often check the various social media channels of companies. Creating an employer brand is a long journey, an investment that pays itself back. We can offer companies help in creating social media updates, using appropriate job advertisement images, and finding core messages in building an employer image.

Check out our own social media channels to get a taste of what it looks like when investment is made in the employer image.

Expert speeches
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Build a strong, value-based corporate culture


Work-life skills

How do you recruit foreign labor?

Heidi Alariesto has spoken on these themes at various events. Heidi has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and has employed thousands of workers. She is known as an energetic and inspiring positive speaker who leaves a lasting impression. Each expert speech is crafted separately according to customer wishes. Please boldly get in touch and request a quote.

Executive coaching
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In changes in the working life, continuous development of skills is paramount. The staff is the company’s most important resource. You can include us to coach the current management to prepare for future challenges. We have, among other things, trained members of the board of a limited company on various HR themes.

It is also possible to obtain various entrepreneur training from us.

HR support services
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We offer comprehensive human resources management services and can act as your company’s ‘construction consultant’ in HR. We can assist in difficult situations or serve as an external human resources director.

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