We offer various training services for businesses and municipalities.


Hygiene passport
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We hold hygiene passport tests twice a month as requested in our Rovaniemi’s office in Pekankatu.

Discounted groups: -10% (students and job seekers)
Testing languages: Finnish, Swedish, English.
Enrolment by email:
send an email to info@career.fi . Title the email as “Hygiene passport”. In the email, include your name, email address and the test date you want to participate in. For more information, please contact tuire.eilitta@career.fi .

Occupational safety card
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We hold occupational safety card courses and tests as requested in our Rovaniemi’s office in Pekankatu, or in the businesses’ own facilities.

For more information and offer requests, contact tuire.eilitta@career.fi

Keynote on career or networking skills
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Book a keynote speaker that spars employers in the employment industry, as well as job seekers and students. Heidi “the networking guru” also happily lectures about networking skills and personal branding, since jobs are often found through connections. Heidi has been a keynote speaker e.g, with the Confederation of Finnish Industries (Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto) in their “Nuorille töitä” (jobs for the youth)-school tour, as well as published a guidebook on work-life skills (“Työelämäntaidot – Selviytymisopas”) that has sold over 6500 copies. It is also worth asking other keynote speakers about other career-related topics, such as work safety or the renewed act on cooperation in undertakings (YT-act).

For more information, contact heidi.alariesto@career.fi 

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